"Super friendly staff, awesome bed side manner, painless fillings, any insecurities I had walking through the door were wiped out by how comfortable he made me feel. Would recommend him to anyone."

-Eliza V. (Google User, 2018)

  "Wow! I found an AMAZING dentist! Quality care! Beautiful implant and painless fillings. Beyond gracious treatment while I was experiencing a migraine. I am so grateful to have been referred to his practice."

-Debbie S. (Google User, 2018)

   "Best dentist I've ever been to. Smart, professional, personal, talented and kind. I could not recommend him more highly!"

-Ryan F. (Google User, 2017)

    "I would and have followed Dr. Fosse for my daughter.  Not only is he extremely professional and dedicated but he is so gentle and fun with kids he removes any fears.   My daughter looks forward to seeing her dentist and has had great experiences even when filling cavities.  You will NOT be disappointed."   

-Alicia D. (Yelp User, 2017)

   "Dr. Fosse is by far the best dentist I have been to!"

-Nichole S. (Facebook User, 2017)

  "Best experience for my daughter. I love how he cares about his patients, especially children. Taking time to explain every tool and how the procedures go. The staff is warm and friendly welcoming us all. Great job and thank you very much!"

-Melanie C. (Facebook User, 2017)

    "Dr. Fosse and his staff are phenomenal! I had an emergency to be seen and his staff fit me in right away, and he was so caring and friendly I switched my care over to him. He's very knowledgeable and is excellent in providing patient education. Highly recommended!"

-Elizabeth E. (Google User, 2017)

   "A very skilled dentist and just a great guy. I would not hesitate recommending him to anyone for their dental needs."

-Brian R. (Google User, 2017)

   "Dr. Fosse is amazing! Best dentist I've met in years and I've had my share! I knew I needed a lot of work (my fault for not going in for a few years) but instead of being greeted with contempt which is what I've gotten from dentists in the past Dr. Fosse was so kind and compassionate. He went over every little detail in the pictures and X-rays and answered ALL of my questions without hesitation. I will literally NEVER go to another dentist for as long as I live! Thank you Dr. Fosse for being so welcoming and knowledgeable! UPDATE: so I've had my first couple of appointments and I was far off in my initial assessment... Dr. Fosse isn't amazing... He's the absolutely most incredible medical/dental professional on the planet! I'm terrified of needles. Not scared. TERRIFIED. And you know what happened? Nothing. I kept waiting for the poke and burn I've had with every other shot EVER... And nothing. I didn't feel a dang thing EVER. Seriously Dr. Fosse you're the man!!!!"

-Bob S. (Google User, 2017)

  "Dr. Fosse is the best. Hands down the best. Really nice, straight forward, and really gives his best to his patients. I've neglected going to the dentist for so long because it was always uncomfortable for me but after my first visit I actually enjoy going in. He is very considerate, and lays out every option out there. His staff are also nice and helpful."

-Ramon D. (Google User, 2017)

  "If you are looking for a super dentist, who is very caring, friendly and professional, then Scott Fosse is the one to see! I have never enjoyed going to the dentist until I met Scott and his kind office staff! He uses the latest techniques that made my visits even pleasant - really!. I have followed him to his present location and will definitely continue to do so. He's my favorite dentist ever!"

-Patty K. (Yelp User, 2017)