Our Approach

At Fosse Dental, we strive to make each and every visit as welcoming and relaxing as possible.  Your comfort is our top priority, and Dr. Fosse practices with a soft-touch, compassion and a sense of humor .  Our favorite compliments are from fearful patients who have avoided the dental office for years, only to come in and tell us how much they’d always wanted an office like ours.

Our Goal

Our goal at Fosse Dental is to provide exceptional dental services in a professional, kind and up-to-date environment.  Dr. Fosse takes great pride in providing high quality work and establishing long-term relationships with his patients.  As a team, we strive to exemplify a patient-first attitude with an atmosphere of comfort, trust and education, so that our patients truly feel like family.

Our Values

We believe dentistry should be done right the first time!  At Fosse Dental, we don’t cut corners -- we only use top-of-the-line equipment and materials, we support American dental labs and only affiliate with companies that can provide a long track-record of success with safe, quality products.  We live by the simple philosophy of treating everyone with the same respect, kindness and quality that we would expect for ourselves and our families. It is this philosophy that has brought multiple generations of families to our office.

Next Steps...

Don’t be shy!  Give us a call, shoot us an e-mail, or better yet, stop by!